Plan B Marketing Group/Income Solutions Description
  • 01 January 2017

Welcome To Plan B Marketing Group/Income Solutions
We are a National Marketing Company that specializes in briniging services to anyone that wants to market their business better and faster. We also have great benefits in being a sales affiliate with Plan B Marketing Group. Please read about our Affiliate Benefit Program below. Over to the left of your screen you will be able click each box that explains how our services work and how you can actually earn commissions by marketing them to others using our lead generation system. Please click the Compensation box to see an overview of the Plan B Profit Sharing Income Opportunity. We currently offer these Marketing Services: 1.Proximity Marketing and Social Free Wifi Services through Royaltie 2. Video Email 3.Text Message Marketing 4. Logo Animation &Video Commercials for branding your business or product Plan B Marketing will also be bringing additional services to our platform soon: Internet Service/Satelite TV The Plan B Marketing Group Affiliate Benenefit Program: 1. Market the above services and earn commissions 2. Plan B Provides the most up to date marketing tools to help promote your services and recruit other affiliates to your team 3. Receive your own individual extention to our corporate office. 4. Active Affiliates will be able to utilize these services 5. Active Affiliates will be able to attend live trainings and have access to recorded trainings and teachings. 6. Participate in the Plan B Marketing Profit Sharing Program 7. All Active Affiliates will recieve the Plan B "Live Personal Assistant Service for 1 year or 1000 minutes, which ever comes first. ($199.00 Retail Value) We will also have our own Auto Selling Program in the future. Thank you all for being on board. I am extremely excited about where we are going and providing you with a Real Plan B for business and personal income and look forward to our expansion. Glenn Finley Founder Plan B Marketing Group 205-588-8706 ext.810

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