• 01 January 2017

About Dubai

Dubai-the city of all superlatives

In the last decade, Dubai has become the destination, one would have just imagined in a since-fiction movie. The city today is dreamlike, futuristic and luxurious. You would find world best infrastructure, finger licking cuisines, most hospitable hotels, shopping paradise, and creative diversions for bored billionaires in Dubai.

Rich in its history and culture, Dubai was not what it is today fifty years ago. Dubai redefies its environment and has the tallest, biggest, largest and most expensive things you could have thought of.

Look at the heaven and you would see ‘the BurjKhalifa,’ centre piece of Dubai, rising half a mile in the sky. It can be seen from as far as six miles. Head to the observation deck to marvel the beauty of the city, and awe the modern wonder while looking at the Dubai Fountains dancing around.

If you are a shopping fanatic head to the spice souk, follow your nose and you would land up in the perfume souk, if you want to know why Dubai is called the city of Gold, walk down the lanes of Gold Souk. If this is not enough head to the Dubai Mall, a souk answer to the 21st century.

Everywhere you look around in Dubai you will come face to face with the most daring projects in the world. To have a bird’s eye view of one such project go Sky divingover The Palm Island.

one such project go Sky divingover The Palm Island. If you are looking for the most luxurious accommodation, head to Burj-Al-arab, packed with celebrities and royalties around the world. This hotel has every amenity you can imagine. Spend an Arabian night at the Palm Atlantis and startle the marine life at ‘The Lost chamber’

If the city temperature builds on you, you can head to the public marina known as Mamzar Beach, or relax at one of the hotels private beaches. To cool down you could also visit the Ski world, hometo many penguins. Try sand boarding in the deserts of Dubai or take a desert Safari. It is here when you realise the serenity, calmness and the magnum Dubai has to offer.

Who knew that the most barren land could become, the most hospitable destination? Today, Dubai is a glittering oasis that outshines the sun!

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